Proventures opened as a boutique accounting and systems firm in 1996, when a charming young accountant and a loopy software consultant teamed up to win lucrative contracts by solving problems intersecting both of their domains.

Our History

Since inception, Proventures has offered specialized back-office financial accounting and systems solutions, initially to the financial services industry and to tax shelters geared to the Canadian television and film community, and eventually to a broader range from promising startups to private equity firms to family wealth offices.

Underpinning this accounting success has been our custom software solutions, which have ranged from low-level data extraction/conversion to high level automated reports for clients in a wide range of industries.

Distinctive Competence

For corporate clients, we have provided seasoned professional teams which functioned as a virtual finance department supplying ongoing support for steady state operations, financial analytics, financial modelling, cash flow forecasting, cash management, compliance, tax, etc.

An outsourced delivery model has succesfully buffered clients from the onboarding costs (e.g. recruitment, training) of new staff, and enabled them to adapt operationally and commercially to unplanned fluctations in their business.

While some clients only need a fractional CFO or Controller to augment their inhouse finance department, in most situations, our experienced F&A team attained higher levels of efficiency at a lower total cost of service than an internal delivery model.

In addition to the finance and accounting functions of a typical accounting team, our core competencies have always included custom software when needed, whether it's raw data extraction and conversion from a POS on a IBM 4690, or custom financial reporting extracted from accounting systems.


Proventures has always been easily differentiated from other providers of accountancy solutions:

  1. clients outsource their accounting for the cost and time savings in labour management, recruiting and training.
    Our competitive fees have reflected this.

  2. clients appreciate the benefits when their key personnel focus on business development rather than day-to-day management of clerical accounting staff.
    Our accessibility and accounting depth has ensured these benefits.

  3. clients recognize that business data (financial or otherwise) can be difficult to access because of proprietary formats, unmanageable repositories and other technical or practical barriers.
    Our custom software experience has provided clients with accounting and reporting solutions unavailable from many firms.


These days we mainly focus on fun projects of our own (like, but if you have an especially interesting project or problem you'd like to discuss, send us an email to

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